Business Focus Magazine April 2023: Actiph Story, Growth, and Challenges

by Cindy Chung on May 11, 2023

Business Focus Magazine April 2023: Actiph Story, Growth, and Challenges

We're thrilled to share that Actiph has been featured in the April 2023 issue of Business Focus Magazine. The article highlights our story, the launch of Acti-Vit and Acti+, our core team values, and the challenges that come with rapid growth in the beverages industry.


Our Story

In 2014, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Actiph's founder, set a world record rowing trip from Australia to Africa. During the expedition, the crew consumed 13 litres of purified water per day, resulting in a loss of essential minerals and even hallucinations and loss of consciousness.

As a solution to this issue, one of the crew members decided to combine a little amount of seawater with their drinking water to replenish important electrolytes. This approach not only worked, but it also helped the team break the world record by two weeks. And so Actiph's story began.


Launching Acti-Vit and Acti+

Nicholas Ross – CEO – Actiph Water, says: "As a business, we believe that, with Actiph Water, we have created the best hydration product on the market. However, with half of the UK population choosing to drink only flavoured water, we wanted to create an equally innovative, healthy, and functional product for those consumers, delivering on our promise of better health through hydration, for all."

Actiph continued to develop and broaden its product line with the aim to encourage better health through hydration. In 2020, the company introduced Acti-Vit, a sugar-free sparkling water available in three flavours and containing 100% RDA of seven key vitamins and minerals to provide a guilt-free alternative to sugary fizzy drinks.

Later that year, Actiph Water introduced Acti+, a nootropic clean energy drink designed to provide consumers with a natural energy boost without the crash associated with traditional energy drinks. Both products have been well-received by customers and have helped the company in continuing to grow in its own drinks area. Both products have been well-received by customers and have helped the company continue to grow in its own drinks category.


Our Core Team Values

Actiph looks for attitude and aptitude when expanding our team. We take pride in supporting the team and individual growth through monthly social team meetings, training opportunities, health allowances, and monthly stock deliveries to encourage the team to be active and stay hydrated.


The Challenges of Rapid Growth

As with any successful startup, Actiph Water has faced its fair share of challenges. The biggest challenge for Actiph in running a business and supporting its working capital growth is securing adequate funding and ensuring that sufficient cash is available.

However, despite the challenges, Actiph's values remain the same and the support and belief from our investors has helped the company scale to where it is today. We believe that nurturing great relationships with our production facilities and partners has helped deliver more seamless experiences for our customers.



Actiph Water's commitment to transparency, authenticity, and innovation has helped it establish itself as a major player in the drinks market. 

Nicholas Ross – CEO – Actiph Water, adds: “Linked to our vision of delivering health through hydration, all our products are designed and developed to give consumers the best possible proposition for the occasion, without consuming unnecessary calories.”


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