Introducing Our Latest Ambassador: Katie Halligan

by Cindy Chung on Mar 15, 2024

Introducing Our Latest Ambassador: Katie Halligan

Say hello to our latest ambassador, Katie Halligan (@runfitwithkatie)!


Katie's dedication to health, fitness, and hydration perfectly aligns with our mission to provide optimal hydration for peak performance. 


From Struggles to Victories

From 1-mile struggles to half marathon victories, Katie's journey embodies the power of determination and passion for health through hydration. With a remarkable transformation from being unhealthy and unfit to a London Marathon Championship contender, Katie's dedication to pushing boundaries is truly inspiring.


Whether it’s a rest day or a training day, hydration is always at the forefront of my mind.


As she embarked on her running journey, Katie pushed herself to new limits, gradually building her endurance and strength.


In October 2023 I came first female at Rochdale Half Marathon with a time of 1:27:20 and secured myself a London Marathon Championship spot.


Katie's dedication and hard work paid off as she achieved remarkable milestones, including securing a spot in the London Marathon Championship. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and dedication.


Commitment to Optimal Hydration and Nutrition

At Actiph, we believe in nourishing our bodies with the best hydration possible. Katie's commitment to optimal hydration and nutrition perfectly aligns with our core values. She understands that peak performance starts with giving her body the fuel it needs to thrive.


I put my body through a lot of stress and my body does a lot for me, and that’s why I think it’s really important that we treat our bodies with respect and keep them well nourished and properly hydrated. 


Katie's words echo our belief that proper hydration is essential for overall health and well-being, especially for individuals with active lifestyles like hers. With Actiph, Katie can confidently tackle her busy schedule and demanding training regimen, knowing that she's giving her body the hydration it deserves.


Empowering Others to Achieve Their Goals

We're incredibly excited to follow and support Katie on her running journey. Together, we're not just redefining what's possible; we're empowering others to achieve their hydration and fitness goals. Katie's story is a source of inspiration for anyone striving to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in their fitness journey.