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Frequently asked questions

About Actiph Water

What is the pH scale?
pH is a measure of how acidic/basic (alkaline) water is. The range spans 0 - 14, where 7 is neutral. pHs of less than 7 indicate acidity, where a pHs of greater than 7 indicate alkalinity.

At the acidic end of the spectrum you would find fizzy, sugary soft drinks, fast food and alcohol. With its pH of 9+, Actiph provides a refreshing alkaline alternative to our increasingly acidic diets.
What is Actiph Water?
Actiph Water is alkaline ionised water. It is made by taking fresh Shropshire spring water, adding a unique blend of electrolytes, then ionising to remove acidic ions, leaving a high pH water that is smooth, refreshing and provides an alkaline alternative to our increasingly acidic diets.
What electrolytes does Actiph Water contain?
Actiph contains potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate.
Why do I get a neutral pH reading with ph strips?
pH strips (litmus paper) do not work correctly in purified water. Because Actiph is purified at the beginning of its manufacturing process pH strips consequently deliver a neutral reading when using them to test the pH of Actiph. The best way to test is using a calibrated pH meter, as is the regulatory standard in our industry. Alternatively, pH drops will turn Actiph dark blue, indicating a pH of 9+.
What is the best way to test Actiph Water's pH?
The best way to test is using a calibrated pH meter, as is the regulatory standard in our industry. Alternatively, pH drops will turn Actiph dark blue, indicating a pH of 9+.
What formats can I buy Actiph Water in?
Actiph is available in:

600ml - 100% recyclable & BPA free plastic bottles.

1L - 100% recyclable & BPA free plastic bottles.

750ml - 100% recyclable glass bottles.

330ml - 100% recyclable glass bottles.
Why don't you create a larger format, e.g. 2L?
Whilst we don't currently have plans to produce a 2L bottle of Actiph Water we continually review our product offering and listen to feedback from our customers to inform future product development. If there is something you'd like to see from us, let us know!
What does Actiph Water taste like?
In simple terms, Actiph tastes like regular water. However, our customers tell us it tastes smoother, softer and cleaner than regular water.
Is Actiph suitable for children?
Yes, Actiph is suitable for everyone.
Is Actiph made from sea water?
No, Actiph is made from fresh Shropshire spring water. Whilst our founder, Jamie, was inspired to create Actiph by his experiences of adding sea water to his drinking water whilst rowing from Australia to Africa, Actiph water does not contain any sea water or salt.

About Acti-Vit

What is Acti-Vit?
Acti-Vit is a sugar free sparkling flavoured vitamin water containing 100% RDA of 7 key vitamins and minerals, as well as a splash of magnesium.
What vitamins and minerals does Acti-Vit contain?
Acti-Vit contains 100% RDA of vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D and zinc, as well as 15% RDA of magnesium.
What are the benefits of drinking Acti-Vit?
Acti-Vit helps to reduce tiredness & fatigue, support your immune system, maintain healthy hair, skins, nails, muscles, bones & teeth and more!
How many calories are in a can of Acti-Vit?
Each can contains 3 calories.
Does Acti-Vit contain sugar or caffeine?
No, Acti-Vit is sugar free and does not contain caffeine.
Is Acti-Vit suitable for children?
Yes, Acti-Vit is suitable for everyone.

Orders & Shipping

How long does shipping usually take?
Shipping usually takes up to 3 working days from the time your order is placed.
How can I make changes to my order?
You can make changes to subscription orders via your online account on Here you can add or remove items, adjust the frequency of subscription deliveries, cancel orders and more.
Why haven't I received a confirmation email?
You should receive a confirmation email once you place your order. If you don't receive this email try checking your junk folder. If you still don't have it and are concerned about your order, feel free to contact us.
My order hasn't arrived within 3 working days - what should I do?
If you have not received your order within 3 working days please do let us know either by emailing or via our 'Contact Us' page. It may just be that your designated courier has been held up or had difficulty delivering your order and it will be with you shortly, but if you're unsure, please do contact us so that we can check that your order has not been damaged in transit, for example.
Which couriers do you use?
Most of our orders are sent via Yodel. Sometimes, orders may also be despatched through DPD or Parcelforce.
My order has been damaged in transit - what should I do?
If you receive a notification from your designated courier informing you that your order has been damaged, or if you have received your order and it is damaged, please contact us immediately via or through the 'Contact Us' page so we can investigate further and take remedial action where necessary.
I'd like to make a complaint about my courier - what should I do?
If you are unhappy with the service you've received from your courier or you have questions specifically relating to your courier, please contact the relevant delivery company directly.


What does Actiph do to reduce its environmental impact?
+ All Actiph and Acti-Vit products are produced in 100% recyclable packaging.

+ We plant a tree for every case sold in our online store through our partnership with Ecologi and their responsible reforestation initiatives.

+ For every plastic bottle sold in our online store, we fund the collection of 4 ocean bound plastic bottles through our partnership with Plastic Bank. This means that each purchase of our plastic bottles online results in more plastic being taken out of the ecosystem than we are putting into it.

+ We recently redesigned our plastic bottles to remove 11% of the plastic used in them.

+ We've streamlined our supply chain to reduce lorry journeys.

+ Our workforce is climate positive. Through our partnership with Ecologi, we offset our employee's carbon footprints.

+ We're committed to producing our plastic formats in 100% recycled plastic by 2024.
Why do you produce plastic bottles and not, say, cartons?
Whilst plastic continues to be a major environmental issue, we believe it is still the correct material for some of our products. There are a few reasons for this:

+ It has the lowest carbon footprint to produce and recycle.

+ It is one of the most widely recycled materials, reducing the risk of it ending up in a landfill unnecessarily.

+ Some alternatives, such as cartons or resealable cans are not widely recycled and require huge amounts of energy to recycle. Cartons, for example, are often comprised of plastic, cardboard and tin in one package which then needs to be separated before it can be recycled.

+ For a product like Actiph Water, which customers like to take with them when they travel or go to the gym, for example, the most suitable material to use is plastic as it is durable, lightweight, resealable and safe.

Is Actiph available in glass bottles?
Yes, it is! You can get your Actiph Water in 750ml and 330ml glass bottles.


How can I contact you?
Got questions for us? The best way to get in touch is via the contact form on our 'Contact Us' page. Alternatively, you can email us at Be sure to check the rest of our FAQs to see if your question is answered below.
Where can I buy Actiph Water?
Actiph Water is currently available in store in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, Wholefoods, Holland & Barrett, WHSmith, select CO-OPs, Planet Organic and more. Online, you can order Actiph from this very website, as well as from Amazon, Ocado, Tesco online and Sainsbury's online.
How do you pronounce Actiph?
Actiph is pronounced "active". This is because it was created to support active people leading active lives, be they busy parents, hard working professionals, Olympic athletes or all of the above!