A Wave of Inspiration

The ACTIPH Story



In 2014 Jamie Douglas-Hamilton set two Guinness World Records by rowing 5,000 miles across the vast Indian Ocean, all the way from Australia to Africa.

On this unsupported expedition, a crew of six pulled more than a million strokes, battling strong currents, major storms and even a hurricane. With rowing broken into two hourly shifts, 24 hours a day. Physical demands were so extreme that the each of the crew burned 10,000 calories a day and had to drink up to 13 litres of water. These extreme conditions often led to vivid hallucinations and even passing out.

To counter these extremes, the crew started to mix their fresh water with a small amount of sea water, replacing essential minerals. This had a dramatic effect, rebalancing the body and giving the crew the energy to continue.

It was this moment in the middle of the Indian Ocean that inspired Jamie to find a way of delivering this same balance and increased energy levels to everyone's daily lives.

ACTIPH Water is the first alkaline ionised bottled water with added electrolytes made in Great Britain